Iron Man Math3 Puzzle

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Iron Man is stronger than ever before, and today he is ready to go to any tricks, if only the puzzle with him was assembled. Why would he do that? The "piece of iron" must always be in shape, and if it is not, the enemies will quickly overcome it. The picture is assembled with the mouse from 25, 49 or 100 parts, and everything is done simply. The image is so vivid and memorable that it is very easy to work with. If you like physically strong and positive characters with huge charisma, Iron Man is your hero. Tall and slender, he stands back to back with another brave man, ready to help him in the fight against the world's evil. More than one generation of gamers puts puzzles with this character, and the "Piece of Iron" helps everyone to stay safe.

How to play:

Use Mouse To Play and Follow introduction

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